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Juan Pestana
EF Career development

Juan Pestana is currently working in Multi-Channel marketing at EF Headquarters in Shanghai. Prior to applying to marketing, he worked as a kids and teens online teacher at the EF online center for 1 year. He loved the energy the kids always brought to the classroom and is trying to bring that same energy in his current role.

1. What is the best part of your job?

My favorite part about the job is meeting new people. I also enjoy the challenge of learning something new every day. Every time you think you've figured out how to do something, you learn another way to do it as soon as you get comfortable. The good thing is that this keeps you on your feet and on the path to personal and career growth.

2. How did you know EF was the right fit for you?

When I was looking at teaching companies in China, EF was the biggest I had heard of. Also my friends and family had heard of the company and they were also present in many other countries. I knew that because of their size and reputation in the industry they were the best for the transition process moving abroad. When I got the message from the recruiter, I was excited about being considered and I'm glad I made the choice to stick with EF because they made the process very easy.

3. What's the importance of having international experience in today's working world?

I feel that the world is becoming more and more connected and that with these connections comes the responsibility to learn a new perspective that you can apply to different aspects of your life. Part of the reason I moved abroad was to have the experience of living in another country so that when I choose to go back home, I could take all the new things I learned and apply them. For example, one thing I am excited to take home are some of the cooking skills I learned here. I am excited to cook for my friends and family.


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