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A fine dining experience. This location is great for socializing with friends and family. The staff are smiling. The dishes are Chinese recipes with a vegan-friendly preparation. Feel the grace during your time here. Each serving is large, good for sharing with your company. Tasty recommendations for you include their sushi rolls, pumpkin soup, and tofu dishes. The restaurant is partnered with a small shop. On your way out surf through their collection of dried goods, fresh veggies, candles, and natural soaps. The bottles of honey, sure are sweet!

• Location: Bao’an South Road Junting Mingyuan Square Floor 2 No.201, Luohu Shenzhen

• Open: 11:00-22:00

• Metro Station: Line 1, Grand Theater, Exit D & Line 3, Hongling, Exit H


Located on the 3rd floor among the historic office spaces of Huawei, this vegan space is neat for trendy type people. The food made here is fresh.

Hand food and great-tasting smoothies are on the menu. The seating area is quiet with an open concept. You can enjoy meaningful conversations with your pals. Personally, I've joined and hosted social gatherings in ISEE. The environment opens up the mind and allows for new inspiring ways to be. Social change happens here! Cool recommendations from ISEE include their smoothies and wraps. The food is good tasting at a fair price. No need to overindulge, staying light is new and hip.

• Location: Fulizhen Mansion Floor 3, Nanshan Shenzhen

• Open: 11:00-20:30

• Metro Station: Line 1, High Tech Park, Exit B

Youyang Shushi Torrefaction - YOUNGVEGAN

Tucked away, this location offers a unique experience. The décor is modern with a unique tech-savvy style for ordering food. China has recently implemented QR code links to the restaurant’s menu. Ever increasing, after the 2020 wave of healthawareness-related changes made to businesses, QR codes have become the middle point between customers and business owners. Now, scan at your table and read about all the options.

While at Youngvegan, in the afternoon, you’ll see the cityscape below you. Look far and wide to see the mountain range in the clouds. At night, the room is cozier offering the smell of freshly cooked vegan pizzas which many people are familiar with. Join a group of friends here for laughs, fresh foods and time away in a vegan haven. A simple recommendation for you is the pumpkin and kale soup.

Youngvegan also offers baked goods and desserts for takeaway shopping. (note: This location is in an apartment complex. The building door is opened with a resident card... you may have to wait a moment for someone to walk through so you can enter. Practicing patience will serve you well.)

• Location: Xintian Century Business Center Block C 2309, Floor 23, Futian Shenzhen

• Open: 10:00 – 21:00 • Metro Station: Line 3, Shixia, Exit F

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