Gap year teaching abroad

Teach abroad during your gap year

You’re about to finish college or have just attained that hard-earned degree. What an amazing accomplishment! What’s next on your horizon? After all your efforts, you have a desire to take a break from your studies, find your bearings, and get some valuable work experience. The office chair isn’t calling your name yet.

Life is full of excitement and offers many opportunities. You have been looking at available gap year programs and opportunities, and life abroad seems to be an amazing option. Besides, you’ve always wanted to rave about your international travel experiences as your friends do. But what about those student loans that you have? There’s an urge to start working right away to start paying them off.

Here’s a win-win situation for you: take a gap year teaching abroad with us! Earn a good salary, and have fun along the way by traveling and showing off your experiences during your free time. The world of adventure and intrigue is calling your name right now.

How working abroad fulfills your gap year dreams

There are many reasons to take a gap year. You’ve just spent countless hours studying and working hard to get that hard-earned college degree. But starting to work in an office environment right away just doesn't feel quite right yet.

There are so many places you haven’t seen, and so many people you haven’t met. Besides, the world is getting more and more global, and gaining international experience and exposure is so important. Besides, you just want to have some fun along the way! However, it’s also important to earn some money along the way – whether it is to start paying off those student loans, to gain independence from parents, or just to have money to spend while traveling.

Working abroad is the perfect solution. You’ll be paid a salary and be able to use your time off to meet new people from all over the world and explore new places you could only dream about before. What an amazing year it will be!

Working abroad fulfills your gap year dreams

Working abroad during your gap year

Working abroad during your gap year will open your eyes to new people, new experiences, new places, and a new culture. The best thing about it is that no previous working experience is required, and we will support you to get the proper certification that is required.

As a result, you gain a ton of experience that helps you build lifetime skills. Think of all the skills you could build up just by teaching for one year – teaching skills, people skills, presentation skills, organization skills – the list is endless. Even better, you will be able to write about your cool international experience on your resume – and be able to share how you have become resilient and open-minded by learning to survive and thrive by living in a foreign country, learning a new language and meeting people you would never have the chance to meet otherwise.

Not only that, but there’s so much fun and freedom in living and working abroad – there are so many little hidden gems in the city you choose to live in and there are so many other places in Asia that are just a few hours flight or train ride away – let your adventure begin!

Teaching English abroad during  gap year

More about being an ESL teacher

Teaching students from different cultures is an inspiring experience! As local students learn from you as their role model, they will learn to become global communicators like you! Every day, you get to notice small changes and improvements in your students, and eventually one day, they will start communicating confidently thanks to your efforts – such a rewarding experience. You will be empowered by the experience – and your resilience and creativity will help you expand your career. You will literally open the world through education all while opening your eyes to different cultures and experiences.

Teaching at EF
Being an ESL teacher

Where can I teach?

Where in the world do you see yourself living and working during your gap year? EF offers three great options, with schools in China and Indonesia to consider for your paid gap year job.

Gap year in China

Teaching in China is an amazing opportunity to understand and get to know a thriving, rich society. China provides a diverse culture that is full of history and ancient sites as well as booming skyscrapers and modern technology. China is one of the largest ESL markets in the world, and as a result, EF now has over 300 schools spread across 60 cities in China. Teach in China and expand your world and perspective.

Gap year in China
Gap year in Indonesia

Gap year in Indonesia

Teaching English in Indonesia, on the other hand, is for those who are looking for something more tropical. Boasting 13,000 islands, Indonesia is a wealth of diverse natural resources, whether in the water or on land. With over 77 schools scattered across the country, there are several opportunities for you to consider during your gap year abroad.

Requirements for being an ESL teacher


Teaching is fun and rewarding. As a native English speaker, you already have the basics to be successful. There are a few more formal requirements to fulfill. Click here to check out what else you need to join us.

Of course, there are many things to learn while on the job – such as how to conduct a class, the best way to teach students, methods, and best practices for engagement, etc. The good news is that we have a lot of good, solid training programs to help you become a great teacher, just like the numerous people who have joined us before for their gap year. All the certification you need to get is also sponsored by us, and once you arrive, we will provide you with all the materials and training that you need to be successful. So take the leap of faith and apply now to start your adventure!

Is teaching for me?

You are reading this and keep asking yourself – is this a gap year idea that I should consider? Will this work for me? As long as you are open-minded and adventurous, and are willing to work AND have fun along the way – this is the place for you.

We understand that you might have further questions before you can make up your mind; please refer to our FAQ page where we tried to answer the most common questions, and if you have any more, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us!

If and when you are ready, you can click the apply button, and fill out the job application form. You’ll get a call from one of our experienced and friendly recruiters who is looking forward to talking with you and sharing their stories about teaching and all the fun they had. Good luck – and enjoy your greatest gap year ever – teaching abroad!

is teaching English for me?

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