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Teaching is a job that many young people consider, and why not? The idea of making a difference and helping shape the minds of the future is more than appealing, but how do you know that teaching is really the career path you want to follow?

This is where getting a teaching post abroad can help. If you've just finished university and looking for a graduate teaching job abroad, the chances are you have no idea where to start looking, let alone which country to choose.

The industry

Teaching overseas is a popular choice for newgraduates thanks to the endless need for teachers around the world and the adventure that comes with the title. It's the perfect way to see the world, and because you'll be employed, it won't cost you a penny. In fact, you may even be able to save a little bit depending on where you choose to teach abroad.

Despite the many overseas teaching jobs available for new graduates, the prospect is daunting. Here are a few things you need to know before you pack your bags and head to the airport.

Types of teaching jobs

There are so many different kinds of graduate teaching jobs abroad in every single subject - a quick Google search will tell you this. But the most popular pathway would be through teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Perhaps this appears to be quite far-fetched in terms of your chemistry or physics degree, but it is one of the easiest teaching jobs in the world to get. For a native English speaker, little more is needed than the mother tongue.

Many people think that you need to speak a foreign language yourself to get a graduate teaching job overseas. Many others believe a background in teaching or education is essential. Neither of these statements are true. It's 100% possible to find a graduate English language teaching job abroad.

Due to the high demand of English language teachers worldwide, the requirements are often basic. If you have a degree in any subject, your native language is English, and you have some kind of English language teaching certificate such as the TEFL certificate, you'll have no problem finding a graduate teaching position in another country.

Choosing a location

Depending on where you choose to base yourself as a graduate teacher abroad will depend on how much you earn. However, teaching overseas has the potential to be quite lucrative. At the same time it offers other priceless experiences. You can travel, see new parts of the world and learn about different cultures. Even if you're a first-time graduate teacher overseas with no prior teaching experience, you'll be able to earn enough to live comfortably and travel. How cool is that?

Popular destinations

The Middle East is a popular place to head for newly graduated teachers, mainly because of the high tax-free salaries and perks. But be aware that a number of teachers, especially newly graduated teachers abroad find working in such countries challenging due to the huge cultural differences. Asia is also a popular destination. Japan and South Korea have long been firm favourites, and again then there's huge earning potential there. However, the cost of living doesn't come cheap.

Teaching English in China

In more recent years, China has become a popular teaching destination for new grads looking for teaching jobs abroad. China's growing economy and massive population means that English language teachers are always in high demand.

Getting a teaching job in China with no experience is relatively easy, as you only need to tick a few boxes to get a job. You will need: a passport from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, or the USA. An undergraduate degree in any subject, and a basic English language teaching certificate.

If you get a job in a state school or a private language school in China, the majority of them will also offer a few extra perks, such as annual return flights, accommodation and Chinese language lessons.

Teaching English in Indonesia and Russia

Two other popular countries to find graduate teaching jobs abroad include Indonesia and Russia. Made up of many islands, Indonesia is a popular country to teach in because of its diversity and low cost of living. It's also really close to other popular Asian countries, making it an even more attractive base to travel from. An extra-added bonus is that Indonesians are super friendly and eager to learn and speak English.

English is also becoming more popular in Russia. English is considered to be the new black, which makes Russia attractive when it comes to graduate teaching opportunities abroad. Teaching salaries vary from school to school. The paperwork and red tape can be a little time-consuming, but like teaching in China, there's so much you can also learn from a culturally rich country like Russia.

If you feel at a loss but still want to teach abroad, don't despair. There are a plethora of graduate teaching positions out there. The world really is your oyster.

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