CHINESE NEW YEAR -Year of the Dragon 2024

Chinese new yearcny
Erica Fairchild

How should I decorate for the Chinese New Year? 

This year, the house interior will be designed to invite three special dragons into the home. Together, guests will play and feast to usher in the new year with happiness. 

First, we must clean the hall. The doorway should be clear to welcome our guests. The floors will be washed with tea tree herbal water. Hopefully, the guests will feel comfortable smelling the natural aroma. Afterward, the bookshelf will be reorganized. If our guests become curious during their stay, they could pick out a book and learn new things. We shall study together. 

Then, a tall table will be set up in the den. This table will be visible from the main door and every corner of the main den. It will be covered in red ribbons, red candles, fresh oranges, and snacks. The snacks will attract the first guest, who is a hungry dragon. When this guest enters, they will feel comfortable knowing there is food available. This dragon will light the candles to set a warming mood. Once this dragon settles down more, they will relax, and we can enjoy their company. 

Next, the second guest will arrive on time. On the desk, there are some playing cards to attract this guest, who is a wise dragon. Together, the three of us will play card games. We will have so much fun sharing laughs together. After we play many rounds of card games, we will talk about our business lives. The bookshelf that holds awards and certificates from the past year is beside the balcony window. Maybe the guests will see this arrangement and become inspired. 

At last, the lovely pink-flower dragon will arrive. This guest is known to be fashionably late, although we are all kindhearted towards them. Their arrival comforts us. This guest is beautiful beyond compare. They shine with a soft pink glow. When they speak, it’s as soft as a gentle summer wind. Their movements are elegant like a dancer. The candles in the room have been burning bright for some time. In the late evening, we can turn down the house lights and enjoy warm beverages. We will sit together and make wishes for the new year.  

Let’s drink warm tea and add golden honey to hot water. Having guests feel well while staying over is important. Serving them herbal tea ensures they will start this year in wellness.  

The guests may leave when they feel called to return to their homes. The cards are collected and the tea cups are washed and dried. It’s time to sleep and walk into a dream world. Happy CNY.  

  • Sincerity of the Dragon 

  • Luck of the Dragon 

  • Talent of the Dragon 

  • Riches of the Dragon 

  • Longevity of the Dragon 

  • Receive them all. 

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