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It is HOT OUTSIDE! Let's be honest, on one hand you want to go outside and enjoy the day. But on the other hand you don't want to die of heat stroke! Ok, that's a hyperbole. Realistically speaking, you don't want go all the way back home every thirty minutes to shower from sweating out your clothes. Who has the time and patience for that? Well I'm here to today to tell you don't have too (kind off). I am here to give you the cheat codes. There are places that you can go to right now to avoid the scorching Shanghai temperatures. Here are 10 ways to beat the China heat in Shanghai.

1. Maya Beach Park

maya beach park

Photo courtesy of Smart Shanghai

If you have the luxury of time, cash/kuai and optimism, then Shanghai Maya Beach Water Park is for you! This little piece of sunshine sits on the outskirts of the city at Water Park of Happy Valley Theme Park, Shenzhen, Song Jiang, Shanghai (上海市松江佘山,欢乐谷主题公园内,上海玛雅海滩水公园). If you have been to a water park from the east, then you will feel right at home. It has many of the same fast water slides, exciting playgrounds and leisure based activities one would find in other parts of the world. You still want to go but you can't swim (then why do you want to go to a water park for crying out loud)? I'm kidding, that won't be a problem, the water is shallow there. If you're over 4 feet you should be fine. You can get an all-day pass for roughly 200RMB (about 30USD). Hungry? You can bring your own snacks and drinks. If you're looking to dine down on finer refreshments, there are to restaurants in the park itself (just be prepared to pay higher prices). This oasis is open from June to September, so the time to cool off is now! All you have to do is take line 9 to Sheshan, from there you find a complimentary bus shuttle that will take directly to the park.

2. Dino Beach Water Park

dino beach water park

Photo courtesy of Smart Shanghai

If your weekends are out of the ordinary (like a lot of EF employees), and you aren't fond of densely packed water parks, then Dino Beach Water Park is for you. This facility claims to have Asia's largest wave pool (if that your thing). It also has a huge lazy river to all senses of worry, reality and time in. But before you get involved in this glorious day of illusion you must face reality. The tickets prices can fluctuate from 150-200RMB (about 15-30USD) roughly. Naturally, the most expensive days are Saturday and Sunday. However, if you are an EF employee and or have odd weekends, there are discounts and sales to reap. Lastly (and unfortunately), this place has a zero (outside) food and drink policy. So if you want to eat and drink you will have to purchase theses goods within in the park. This getaway is open from June to September from 10am to midnight! So if you want to splash around at night, this would be the place to do it at. It's location is 78, Xinzhen Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (上海市闵行区新镇路78号). You can get to this water park by taking line 1 to Xinzhuang Road Station (莘庄路站).

3. Mandarin City Pool

mandarin city pool

Photo courtesy of Smart Shanghai

Looking for somewhere that's not too far and inconvenient to travel too? How about somewhere with a little less children and something a bit more adult. Try Mandarin City Pool! At Mandarin City Pool, you can sit back relax and have a cold one. This pool is not too big and not too small, one can go without worrying about getting splashed by others. Forgot to bring a drink and still want one? You're in luck, there is a bar there! The prices are a lot more attractive than the water parks as well. You can spend the day there from 11am-8pm on Mondays, 7am-8pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and from 1pm-8pm on Thursday. The price is 100RMB (15USD) for the day. And if you are fortunate enough to have a family out here, you can indeed invite your children. The price for your child is 60RMB. This establishment is also known for throwing pool parties from time to time, so if you're lucky enough to drop in on one, the drinks and small meals are included in the entrance fee. It is located at 788 Hongxu Road | 虹许路788弄 (Guyang Road | 古羊路), Gǔběi, Shanghai.

4. Hongkou Swimming Pool

hongkou swimming pool

Looking for cheaper prices? No sweat (unless you're outside), check out HongKou Swimming Pool. This is more of a local spot but the prices are very attractive. However, you do substitute money for time and I mean that quite literally. You can enjoy two hours at this facility for only 40RMB (6USD). It is open from May to August from 9am-9pm. But be mindful of this, with cheaper price comes lots of family, friends and individuals. So be prepared to get splashed on your way there. Its location is 500 Dong Jiangwan Lu, Hongkou District Shanghai.

You want to cool off, but getting wet isn't on your agenda. But you still have the urge to go out, why not educate yourself at the same time? Shanghai has many indoor activities you can participate in. You can go to the…

5. Shanghai Art Museum

shanghai art museum

161 Shangnan Road, Pudong New District (浦东新区上南路161号)

Price: Free!

6. The Natural History Museum

the natural history museum

510 Beijing West Road, Jing'an District (静安区北京西路510号)

Price: 30RMB (about 5USD)

7. Shanghai Museum

shanghai museum

201 Renmin Road, Shanghai (人民路201号)

Price: Free!

All of which have a multitude of interesting and enlightening knowledge. Why not learn more about the city, people and country you're staying in? In addition, this place has high quality Air-conditioning so you will have the ability to admire a culture and cool down at the same time.

Don't want too much money? Well if you just want to walk around and hangout, there are many shopping malls and districts all around the city. There is such a large number it would be nearly impossible to name them all (yes I am exaggerating). However, lots of these places have movie theaters, great stores, places to dine at… and most importantly Air-Conditioning!

8. Raffle City Shopping Mall

raffle city shopping mall

Intersection of Changning Lu and Kaixuan Lu 长宁路凯旋路路口

9. Cloud Nine Shopping Mall

cloud nine shopping mall

No.1018, Changning Road, Shanghai 长宁路

These two shopping malls are just a few of many. You can enjoy your day and stay cool without drastically increasing your electricity bill at home.

10. Staycation

If you really don't want to spend any money at all you can always stay home. What's more comfortable than one's own home? Everyone needs a day to themselves every once in a while. There is no shame in that. Stay in your pajamas and kick your feet up. enjoying your favorite book, movie or playlist. You can keep your AC on blast all day while taking advantage of Shanghai's delivery service. You can have your food and drinks delivered directly to your door step and be as lazy as you want. Treat yourself!

In the end, we can all admit it is HOT outside! Whether you are at a pool, water park, shopping mall or museum be sure to stay safe and healthy. We can achieve this by applying sunscreen, eating healthy, getting rest and most importantly staying HYDRATED!!!! Continue to explore, continue to discover and try everything. You never know what lies beyond.

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