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Kids and Teens Online (KON) teachers, Maggie, Jason, and Keith give us some insight into how to find an apartment in China.

If you are looking to start a new adventure and would like to learn more about tips to find an apartment abroad, then watch our video. Make sure you subscribe to the EF's YouTube channel so that you can stay up to date with any changes, as well as learn more about living and working in China.

1. Where can I get good recommendations for good apartment hunting?

You can chat with current EF teachers or refer to the agency list that EF provides during onboarding.

2. Are agents easy to work with?

Yes, many of them speak English and will accompany you to the viewings. Remember to be specific regarding what you want in your apartment.

3. What are Chinese apartments like?

Chinese apartments come fully furnished with a bed, stove, AC, and washer. But you might need to take a trip to the store to get items like a kettle, toaster, microwave and oven.

4. Where should I live?

This is entirely up to you! Make sure you're satisfied with your commute and your neighborhood.

5. How many month's rent will I need to pay when I move into my apartment?

It depends on your city, but you may need to pay up to 3 months' rent upfront plus a deposit.

6. What bills do I need to pay?

You'll need to pay for gas, water, electricity and WiFi. You have two options for doing so; you can pay through your landlord or you can pay through your WeChat/Alipay wallet. You can also pay yourself at your nearest convenience store.

7. How do I set up WiFi?

Most apartments will have WiFi already set up. If not, you can go to China Telecom, China Unicom, or China Mobile with your passport to get started. The best deal will be to pay for an entire year's worth upfront.

8. How long do leases last?

Typically, leases last 1 year. If you leave early, you can't get the full deposit back. Occasionally, you'll be able to find shorter or longer lease contracts.

Top tips for finding an apartment in China:

Don't take the first apartment you see. Try to view at least 10. Make sure you're happy with everything because you'll most likely be here for a year.

Test everything! Make sure the shower has good water pressure, there's power in the sockets, the toilets flush, and the fridge is cold.

If you're not on separate leases with your roommates, you'll be responsible for the rent if one of them chooses to move out.

Ask for a full clean before you move in.

Get as much as you can included in rent like an Ayi and Fapiaos.

Rent is always negotiable!

Agents are more likely to give you free appliances than to drop the rent significantly.

Make sure you do a dry run to your center.

Feel free to live alone or with roommates. EF recommends you live with roommates in your first year.

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