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For international teachers coming to teach English in China finding a house can be a very big concern so finding a home to rent in China is probably one of the first things you need to take care of upon arrival but luckily there are many types of accommodations you can rent.

Today we're going to show you three different types of apartments here in China. We've enlisted the help of a housing agent to take us through all the different apartments and show us the details. Here we have David, an apartment agent in Shanghai China.

1. This one is located in Zhongshan Park and is 130 square meters and it is a 4-bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. It's very common that 4 roommates would live together in this type of shared apartment.

2. Lots of different expats live here together especially in this area. This is a one is kind of a xiaochu(unique small neighborhood lane house) built in the 1980's 1990's and it's a studio apartment. The apartment is 40 square meters including the one kitchen bathroom and living room and bedroom area. This apartment is right in the city center. The walking commute is an 8 min walk to subway line 2,3, and 4 which is super convenient.

3. Welcome to the new option here in Jing'an district. Here we're at Xinzhalu close to Wework Shanghai and 8-minute walk to Jing'an temple stop with lines 2 and 7. It's a 1 bedroom one bathroom apartment.

Before you start getting excited and researching hundreds of different places there are some things to know, first of all the market moves really quickly here in China. It's not recommended

to start house-hunting until you arrive and usually teachers can find an apartment within one week.

Often you won't know the exact location of the school until just before you arrived so it's very hard to know which area of the city will match your needs but EF will give you advice and tips on what to look out for, and we'll also share with you the contact the details of the English-speaking agents. Not to mention all of the teachers and staff members who are working in your school are also a great resource for you to use when you're hunting for apartments.

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