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The teaching English in China requirements often differ from city to city and province to province. However, to teach English in China, you will need to meet the minimum requirements outlined in this video to work in China legally. EF English First works closely with the Chinese FEB (Foreign Expert Bureau) to make sure that all teachers that work in China have the correct documents they need.

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Teaching English in China Requirements


Hey there, you wanted to learn more about the Z visa for China right? The working visa. Well, they're very easy to get, but there are a few things that you do need that are the minimum requirements. In fact, the teaching English in China requirements cover 3 key areas which we're going to quickly cover today.

The First Thing You Need

The first one is kind of obvious right, for leaving to another country. You're going to need a passport. Yep, you've got to have a passport. Not only to go to China, but to get out of your own country as well, and with China, there is a requirement which is a visa requirement, that is your passport must come from one of 7 countries. So, that's the USA, Canada, The UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Those are the big 7, and if you have a passport from one of those seven places, then you know that you would be closer to being able to come here.

Bachelor's Degree

There is more, there is more. There is another major document that you will need which is part of the teaching English in China requirements, and that is your bachelor's degree. You must actually have completed it and have the certificate ready. It could say bachelor's in Latin, that's fine, but it must say the wordbachelor's on the degree.

"But what about a diploma?"

It has to say bachelor's as long as it says that. If you have a masters degree, we'll still also need your bachelor's. You can have both, that's great, but you have to have a bachelor's completed.

Other Certifications

Adding to certifications, there's one more that's required by the Chinese government for a working visa, and that's a TEFL. So, T. E. F. L, that's teaching English as a foreign language. So you need a TEFL certificate, so there are many different kinds, and there are more different types of providers that you can get them from. TESOL certificate, CELTA, Cert TESOL, Dip TESOL, those are big ones. But, the key is that it has to be at least a 120-hour certificate that can be verifiable online. Actually, at EF we can sponsor you for getting that kind of a certificate. So if you don't have one already, then that could be gotten, and you could be on your way to China if you fulfil the other teaching English in China requirements.

Teaching English in China Requirements - Final Things To Remember

So in review, the three major items that you need are your:

  • Passport

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • TEFL Certification (which we can help with)

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