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Whether you are an adventurous person who is looking for a new experience or someone who would like to get out of their shell and try something exciting for the first time, teaching English abroad is a great way to make that happen. Teaching English abroad, allows you to not only be able to make a difference is someone’s life; you’ll be able to learn and immerse yourself in a new culture and lifestyle. You may even learn a new language! Could you imagine being in a popular tourist city and getting paid to live there? It’s amazing! Every day becomes a new opportunity to explore your new home abroad.

1. Get Paid to Make Lifelong Memories  

The memories you will make while teaching English abroad will truly be some of the greatest stories you will ever have. Being able to experience a different side of the world is something you can take advantage of every day. Something as simple as making your way to work allows you to see a lifestyle and culture that you are not used to seeing in your home country. For example, I remember taking the metro to work during rush hour one morning and missing my stop. The subway was so packed that I couldn’t squeeze through the crowd of people quick enough to exit the subway. It was the first time I realized that the subway videos I would see on the internet of people shoving and pushing their way into a metro were real! Watching those videos, I never imagined I would end up in a situation like that, but here I was, following a sweet old lady off the metro. She knew exactly how to make her presence known by elbowing and shoulder checking people as she made her way off the metro. This is just one of my countless experiences that I have had while being abroad. Every day seems to come with a surprise and while not all of them may seem so positive in the moment, looking back I can laugh and enjoy the unique memories I made.

Teaching English abroad allows you to encounter new cultures, different foods, and live a completely different lifestyle all while making friends from all around the world. Being able to become a local in a place where other foreigners come to vacation is a luxury not everyone is fortunate enough to experience.

2. Expand Your Horizons 

On one hand, you have the benefits of taking time to be away from your family and friends to travel and learn a lot about yourself. Teaching English abroad is a great way to become more independent, learn new skills and make connections all around the world. It can also help you experience an exciting new life and fresh start!

Now on the other hand, leaving your home and beginning a new life to teach English abroad is difficult. Moving abroad is a life changing decision and an experience that begins with uncertainty and more questions than answers. “Did I make the right decision making this move? What did I just get myself into? What about everyone I’m leaving behind back home? Is all this worth it?” These are only a few questions I asked myself before, during, and after I moved abroad. Often times you begin this new adventure alone, in an unfamiliar environment with new cultural norms and a huge language barrier. All these challenges can be tough both mentally and emotionally. It may even leave you questioning your decision to leave behind a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. However, there is beauty in the struggle and seeing these challenges as possibilities is important. Teaching English abroad gives you the opportunity to become more open-minded and willing to put yourself out there to continue growing as an individual. There is no doubt that the situations you will experience will help you learn more about yourself and capabilities as a person. Teaching English abroad comes with an amazing chance to expand your horizons and accept a change that will benefit you and your perspective on life.

3. World-Wide Relationships

Teaching English abroad comes with many opportunities to develop professionally and network with people from all around the world. Living abroad allows you to interact with many people from different nationalities, especially if you are living in a major city. Making the decision to make the move is the first step to expand your circle of friends and relationships. It is great to know that once you decide to make this change, you will not be alone. There are a lot of different people from all around the world making the same decision to work abroad and enjoy this new life. You will quickly come to realize that there is a great welcoming community wherever you go. The expat community is always ready to help and support you as you get comfortable in your new city. Being abroad puts you in a place to meet people you probably would never interact with. Not only will you build meaningful relationships with people that can last a lifetime, but you will also be working with people and experience a working culture that is completely different. Teaching English abroad puts you in a unique work environment that is very culturally diverse.

While teaching abroad, the relationships you build with students can be very rewarding. You can see firsthand the joy and excitement of someone learning a brand-new language. As a teacher, not only will you be teaching them a new language, but you will also learn a lot from these learners as you get comfortable with your role. Being a teacher really allows you to interact with the locals in ways you normally wouldn’t as an everyday traveler. You will learn more about the culture, holidays, celebrations, and fun secret places to visit. Overall teaching English abroad is a fulfilling and exciting experience. It comes with lifelong relationships, memories, and stories that you will absolutely cherish even after your time abroad.

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