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Day Trip to Hong Kong

Blake Evans

Summer 2023

Greetings from EF teachers in Shenzhen! We head to West Kowloon on Hong Kong Island from Futian station in Shenzhen, Futian district. Follow our trip in this article!

Simple travel can be had to Hong Kong from the nearby mainland Tier 1 city Shenzhen. Our travel group of local Chinese teachers and international teachers has purchased high-speed train tickets, online, to get to Hong Kong. With the appropriate travel documents ready, our entry was smooth. We kept in communication via a friendly group chat as we were all arriving at different times to the station from different places in the city. With 2 minutes to spare each of us got onto the train!! All aboard! Follow us to Hong Kong.

The train ride was a breeze. The journey was effortless. The entire train ride was short. Checking the aerial view of the map APP we were out of mainland China within minutes. Once arrived, we queued to leave the train and grouped all together in the station. Our group decided traveling by metro was convenient, afterwards. The locals in our group were generous enough to help the international teachers acquire single-use metro cards. Look for the card dispensing machines (they’re bilingual too!).

What is there to do in Hong Kong?

When you walk into the light of the sun after so much underground travel, I hope you’ll appreciate the sunshine.  Fresh air, blooming flowers and the chatter of birds welcomed us back to the surface. Make your way to the bay, nearby Central Sation, and feel the vibes of the water. Swaying and sparkling it is a gift. With the city skyline across the bay, it is a sight to see. The mood here is welcoming. Soak in what you like. Let inspiration fill you up.

Next is the ferry ride. Buy a token and prepare for a leisurely ride across the bay. It’s calming if you can let go of your thoughts. The intimate space on the water gives you a chance to bond with your friends to share vulnerable time.

Be grateful for the water around you. Always remember to keep the water clean.

Once ashore, go to explore parts of the city that interest you. Step into shops, gawk at neon lights and find a great restaurant with music, chill vibes and well-dressed people according to your stylistic preferences.

The cityscape is diverse. See the vastness from atop the side of a mountain. Immerse yourself in green foliage to wash off the ‘small ego’ from the urban way of living. Remember what it is to feel wild – even for a moment. Reconnecting with your natural spirit will do you good. The heart can energize back up. Self-love is a routine habit.

Later, enjoy savory meals as the sun sets. Watch golden sunlight slide down industrial buildings and park sculptures. With your group of friends try to recall the best parts of the day.

Once finished with traveling, plan a smooth and easy ride back to Shenzhen. Two choices are: by train or a direct coach bus. Hydrate yourself in this time of rest. Farewell.

* Friendly Reminder: exchange HK dollars before you leave on your trip.

Bonus Challenge: sit and reflect on your time in a new place.

How did you feel during your travels? How do you feel when you return to familiar ground?

Make a list:

  • 3 things you learned/ 3 new experiences for you

  • 1 thing you would do over again in a better way

  • 3 moments you are grateful for

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