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Staying Grounded in the City

Blake Evans

The following are simple practices to keep grounded whilst living in the cityscape. Time can get away from us when we’re ‘in the zone’ of work and play. How many of us schedule time to unwind in solitude? Bringing your focus back to self-care and home maintenance will enhance your life even a little. This provides you with better mental clarity. Other areas of your life will soon follow through with this seamless quality of comfort. Choose the lifestyle you want—starting with your home space. This inspires you to focus on what you want to see more of, in the world outside. Integrate these practices into your monthly routine to bring more steadiness into your life.

Remember to breathe well.

Green Spaces

Common through large tier-one cities are green spaces designed for comfort and to shelter you from the hot sun. Beautiful flowers fill the air with natural perfume. Find yourself here to get in touch with your inner heart. Any park with running water is great for a picnic. Set up under a tree with your friends and enjoy the sound of trickling water. Of course, if you can make it to the countryside the natural landscape offers bountiful remedies. It’s understood by country folk that a few hours immersed in the forest can change your emotional state. Be kind and nature will show kindness in return.

Hiking Groups

China’s landscapes are diverse; home to many mountains. By joining a hiking group you can enjoy the outdoors with others. Hiking for exercise brings benefits to the whole body which includes your mind! Release from your keyboard aesthetic and become wild again. Race up the mountain with your pals and find a new voice. Huff and puff and laugh through your day. Plenty of stories will manifest as the unthinkable happens. Soak in the natural environment. Bring the peace with you. Some cities are built around the base of mountains even. Take Shenzhen in southeastern China for example, where you can ride the metro to the North gate and climb to the peak in a matter of minutes. In the city centre or on the outskirts of the city limits there’s a mountain trail waiting for you.

Finding Stillness

“What is stillness?” You may wonder... It’s different than lying on the couch, and it’s much different than standing in a queue. Being still is a conscious choice to bring your active self ‘inside.’ “Oh, like that meditating stuff, right?” … “Yes, dear. You’ve got it.” Finding stillness can be sitting quietly and having this moment for yourself. By focusing your attention back in towards yourself you can recharge in a sense. The mental part of you will recalibrate with the physical part of you. Try it out the next time you make yourself a warm beverage at home.

A Mindful Diet

When traveling, or joining friends for dinner to try delicious local food, remember to include fresh foods, fruits and plenty of clean water in your diet on the days in between. It’s beneficial to clean out your body between times of splendor. Fruits and vegetables do just this with their leafy goodness. Fruits are often well-promoted when they’re in season. Watch the abundance in the markets then pick out one to share with your colleagues. The fruits can fill the office with lovely aromas making people happy from afar. What we eat can influence how we think. Imagine if it was this simple—to feel better. A few leafy greens and a side of fruit for lunch will have you smiling.

Being Creative

This activity may seem easy, but it’s true many people struggle to open their creative channels. Being creative is so necessary for fulfillment and can be achieved. Have trust. Creating something whether it be a painting, a poem, a short story or a rock sculpture made of colourful stones allows you to use a different part of your brain. Simply have fun with it! Playing without much structure gives you less pressure. You may see that you think in new ways as you respond to your creative mediums.*  (mediums – the tools/supplies you use to create with). When you finish your piece simply allow your work to shine. No need to critique it or hide it away. Let it be your trophy for allowing your inner child some freedom today. You deserve it!

Pick a day in the month and allow it to be ‘Your Day!’ Give yourself fewer chores and find some time to reset your mood. Being fresh is cool again. Thank goodness!

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