teach English in Daqing

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Surrounded by stunning wetlands and natural hot springs, as well as slices of Mongolian life available in Duerbote, there’s no shortage of things to do in Daqing.

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Teach English in Daqing
Teach English in Daqing
Teach English in Daqing
Teach English in Daqing

The City of One Hundred Lakes

As one of China’s newest cities, Daqing benefits from wide, clean streets and pollution-free blue skies all year round. Its skyline is pierced by modern high-rise apartment blocks and the streets are populated by restaurants offering food from the diverse cultures that make up the people of this region. Adding variety to the urban landscape are the many spectacular lakes which provide residents with beautiful open spaces to exercise, play sports and practice Tai Chi.

Daqing has two main seasons – summer and winter. In summer, the city is a baking hot sea of green, with trees and flowers blooming all over the city. During the day parks are packed with people enjoying the warmth and in the evenings young and old alike cool off in the lakes. In winter Daqing is covered by a carpet of snow. The frozen lakes are open for ice skating and the streets are lined with ice sculptures that light up the night with coloured lights from within.

Why Daqing?

Sitting between Mongolia and North Korea the city is truly multi-cultural, with all the food that goes with it!

The Daqing Wetlands: a vast nature reserve filled with outdoor activities for the more adventurous

Natural hot springs – relaxation, whatever the weather, in your free time from teaching English

2 hours from Harbin and its summer Beer Festival and world-famous winter Ice Festival

Daqing’s own summer beer gardens, street barbeque and brand new Ice Festival

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