teach English in Fuzhou

Explore Fuzhou

Fuzhou is the capital city of Fujian province in South Eastern China located on the banks of the Min River. The city has a rich history with early settlements stretching back over 5000 years.

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Teach English in Fuzhou
Teach English in Fuzhou
Teach English in Fuzhou
Teach English in Fuzhou

The Darling of Southern China

Although Fuzhou has a long history, it wasn’t incorporated into China until the Qin dynasty. Since then, this beautiful city has played an important role in China and has been the home of many famous Chinese citizens throughout history.

Thanks to the open door policy reforms in the late nineteen seventies, Fuzhou has experienced consistent economic growth and is now ranked 21 of 659 Chinese cities in terms of high economic development. Teaching English in Fuzhou can provide you with the opportunity to explore this beautiful ancient city and get a taste for authentic Chinese life.

Why Fuzhou?

While you’re in Fuzhou, why not take some time to explore? Here are some places you can see in the city or nearby: Pingtan Island, Xichan temple, Fuzhou National Forest Park, Three Lanes and numerous mountains.

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