teach English in Hangzhou Xiaoshan

Explore Hangzhou-xiaoshan

A quiet suburb of Hangzhou, Xiaoshan is the real China. It’s a modern city that maintains local character, despite its quick development with high concentration recently being paid on easier transport into Hangzhou.

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Teach English in Hangzhou-xiaoshan
Teach English in Hangzhou-xiaoshan
Teach English in Hangzhou-xiaoshan
Teach English in Hangzhou-xiaoshan

Marching Towards the World

Xiaoshan is a district of Hangzhou and is known as being an economic hub of eastern China with one of the strongest economic performances in the country. It’s also famous for its very long history (one of more than 8000 years!)

Xiaoshan’s most picturesque spots are Xianghu (Xiang Lake) and Beigan Shan (North Main Mountain), known for their natural green beauty and leisure facilities.

Why Xiaoshan?

Excellent combination of big city life (with lots of leisure and entertainment facilities) and small town life (with everything within a close distance)

Xiaoshan’s beautiful Xiang Lake attracts visitors all year round and is famous for its adjoining hills, museums and tea houses and restaurants.

Xiaoshan has an abundance of tea houses and restaurants serving both delicious local dishes and foreign tastes for teachers at English First.

Beigan Mountain serves as a beautiful hiking destination on the edge of the city which is stunning in all four seasons.

Xiaoshan international airport serves as a major transport link to the rest of China

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