teach English in Huizhou

Explore Huizhou

Huizhou city is located southeast of Guangdong Province. It neighbors Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen city. Huizhou attracts more and more foreign visitors and business people because of its vitality and variety.

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Teach English in Huizhou
Teach English in Huizhou
Teach English in Huizhou
Teach English in Huizhou

The Hakka Coastal City

Huizhou city is abundant in natural resources such as hot springs, forest, sea, lakes, rivers, islands and mountains. The city is unique because of its Cantonese customs, language, culture and cuisine. Despite this, there is still much of modern China to be found in Huizhou.

From western-style apartments and dining to temples and nearby mountains, this coastal city is a dreamscape for foreigners and locals alike – which is probably why many consider it home to some of the happiest residents in China.

Why Huizhou?

Lots of hot spring sources can be found in Huizhou. Tang Quan hot spring is a seaside spring and Nankun and Tie Quan are both mountain hot springs. You can relax by taking a dip in those places, breathe fresh air and enjoy the smell of flowers and mountain views!

Huizhou is famous for Hakka style cuisine. It is one of the main three cuisine styles in Guangdong province. Poultry is the main product used in Hakka style cooking. The spirit of Hakka cuisine is to keep the original flavor of each ingredient.

Diving, swimming and sailing activities can satisfy those who enjoy something exciting. You can sunbathe, breathe the sea air, listen to the sound of waves while you enjoy a cool drink. Enjoy the peaceful scenery while teaching English in China.

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