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Located on the edge of one of China’s biggest lakes, Huzhou is a city that thrives on its past but continues to move forward into a prosperous future.

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City of Silk

The city is known for silk production and historical preservation. Some sites date back 2,300 years to when the city was first inhabited. Visitors can experience its historic tea culture at any number of teahouses in the area.

Cities like Hangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing are all within close distance for a day trip. Modernization has allowed conveniences like western-style apartments and fast-food restaurants, but the city’s love of history and culture has preserved the Chinese feel of the city.

Why Huzhou?

Feiying Ta Pagoda and Temple of the Iron Buddha are two attractions in Huzhou that exemplify the city’s desire to preserve history and greatness

Moganshan, a popular summer retreat, is close by. There, visitors can go hiking, swimming and enjoy the natural scenery of Zhejiang province

In addition to silk, Huzhou is famous for its traditional ink brushes. Buy one while enjoying your days off from teaching English

South Lake is a beautiful place to relax on your days off from teaching English

Popular foods include freshwater fish and Zhouji dumplings, which are known for a unique blend of spices within the filling

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