teach English in Lanzhou

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Whether you want to learn the local language, taste the local food, or travel around the city to feel the charm of nature and the vicissitudes of history, there is no better choice than Lanzhou.

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Teach English in Lanzhou
Teach English in Lanzhou
Teach English in Lanzhou
Teach English in Lanzhou

The Mecca of China

Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province, is located in the geometric center of China’s land territory. It is also the only city beside the Yellow River basin where it runs through the city.

Lanzhou is an important city seated on the ancient silk road. Numerous scenic spots and historical sites with splendid culture left by the ancient silk road , attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists to come to visit, which makes Lanzhou a city spans 2000 kilometers, connects the Dunhuang Mogao grottoes, Tianshui Maiji mountain, Zhangye big Buddha temple, Yongjing Bingling temple, Xia He labrang famous attractions as the center of the big tourist area on the silk road.

In Lanzhou, the cost of living is also very acceptable. You can go to vegetable fairs near your neighborhood to get the fruits and vegetables you like, and also go to the supermarket to buy daily necessities and taste special local foods.

Why Lanzhou?

As an important town on the silk road and the only city passing through the Yellow River valley, Lanzhou and its surrounding areas have numerous tourist attractions

There are university towns, which can serve as important places for sports, communication and learning. Bar streets can enrich life after work.

The new T3 airport terminal will be built soon, and more and more international airlines will be opened

Located in the center of China’s land territory, teachers can enter all corners of the country from the center of the country

Lanzhou beef noodles are famous in China, and there are various other snacks with local characteristics

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