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Playing an important role in modern China, Nantong established many schools during the Republic of China era and remains an important part of China's textile industry.

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Teach English in Nantong
Teach English in Nantong
Teach English in Nantong
Teach English in Nantong

Shanghai of the North

Nantong has always been an important center of education and the textile industry. It is also known for its kite-making industry, producing kites that make a distinctive sound when flying.

Nantong was historically known as an agricultural area and a traditional site for salt-making. Its principal agricultural products include cotton, rice, wheat, fishing, fruit, and more. It boasts a deep-water harbor and has connections to inland navigational canals.

Why Nantong?

Nantong is a harbor city, so there is a lot of international trading taking place here which means you will experience some international culture. The No.1 place is the Japanese area where you can find lots of Japanese restaurants. No. 2 is Haonan Road where you will find a number of western bars.

Nantong is a middle-sized city very close to the international and modern City of Shanghai. The people of Nantong enjoy an authentic Chinese culture but if you want to experience a big city break, you can, because Shanghai is only a two-hour bus ride away.

Nantong Museum is always a great place to get to know Nantong. It’s a great area for finding cheap deals and little local treasures to take home.

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