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Bandung is the third largest city in Indonesia on the island of Java. When you arrive in Bandung, the first thing you will notice is its spectacular greenery. Streets and roads throughout the city are lined with trees, and there are parks scattered throughout Bandung, offering a retreat away from the hustle and bustle.

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Night market in Bandung
Lake view in Bandung

City of Flowers

Bandung’s beauty makes it the perfect location for those seeking a vibrant life with silent hideaways, and that’s also the reason why many of Jakarta’s city dwellers love to escape for weekends and holidays in this marvelous city.

Bandung is perhaps most notably famous for its history with the Dutch East India Company (VOC). The Dutch influence can still be felt today, the city is famous for its European architecture offering a unique mix of eastern and western culture. Away from the city itself, you will find a breathtaking string of mountains. Here you can enjoy adventure activities and outdoor sports when you’re not teaching in the heart of the city.

Why teach English in Bandug?

Bandung offers amazing architectural delights with its Dutch colonial-style buildings & neighbourhoods, and is also home to the world famous Cipanganti Mosque, built in 1933.

Bandung offers amazing delicacies including basing (a spicy snack made from fried meatballs) and batagor (like Siomay but fried instead of steamed, served with peanut paste and sweet soy sauce.)

Kawah Putih is a beautiful lake situated inside a volcanic crater. You can also drive or paddle boat around the beautiful Situ Patengan Tea Plantation

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