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An industrial city with the comforts and conveniences of a larger city, Cilegon remains far from the maddening crowd.

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The Steel City

Cilegon is located on the Northwest coast of Java, at the mouth of the Sunda Strait. It is known as the “Steel City” – more steel comes out of Cilegon than anywhere else in Southeast Asia. The Krakatau steel plant, named after a nearby volcano, is the largest employer in Cilegon, and is well known throughout Indonesia.

Spend your free time shopping at one of the city’s many malls, or take a trip to one of the nearby beaches for a swim. Opportunities for the adventurous abound in the city, with numerous renowned tourism destinations located in its surrounds. While not a famed tourist attraction in its own right, Cilegon is a perfect stopping-off point for those wishing to explore West Java and Sumatra.

Why teach English in Cilegon?

Krakatau, the most active volcano in Indonesia is a short boat ride away. The volcano is well known for having produced perhaps the loudest sound in recorded history, during one of its eruptions in 1883.

Anyer beach is a short drive away. It’s a favourite spot among locals and makes for a relaxing weekend getaway or day trip. The Anyer lighthouse, built during Dutch colonial times, is also well worth a visit.

Nature lovers can enjoy the nearby Ujung Kulung National Park. It’s a fantastic place to see wildlife endemic to West Java, including the elusive Javan Rhinoceros.

The nearby resort town of Tanjung Lesung is another famed weekend getaway spot. Beach-bound families from all over Java flock to this coastal destination for a holiday.

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