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Cimahi is a small city, located west of the regional capital, Bandung in West Java, Indonesia. It is known as a major textile producer as well as home to many military training centres. It is 180km south-east of the national capital, Jakarta.

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Lake view in Cimahi
Volcano in Cimahi

City of Independence

The name Cimahi was taken from the Cimahi river that flows through the city. It is thought that the word originated from the Sundanese language, literally meaning “enough water”. Many residents of the city get their water supply from the river, as they have done for centuries.

It was used by the Dutch throughout their colonial occupation as a centre for military training. In 1975, it was designated as the first administrative city in West Java and became the third such city in Indonesia.

These days it is most often visited by residents of nearby Bandung who are looking for a weekend getaway. Visitors to Cimahi appreciate the lack of traffic clogging the city’s streets, the beautiful vistas available from nearby mountains and the ubiquitous greenery prevalent throughout the city.

Why teach English in Cimahi?

Sule – Arguably Cimahi’s most famous son, this king of Indonesian comedy has been delighting both domestic and international audiences with his standup since 2005. His son, Rizky Febian is a breakout star in the Indonesian pop music scene.

Kawah Putih – This stunning lake is none too far from Cimahi and is far and above the most popular tourist attraction for miles around. Once you arrive at this instantly Instagrammable natural icon, it’s not difficult to see why.

Tangkuban Perahu and Burangrang – These nearby peaks reveal spectacular vistas to intrepid hikers upon reaching their summits. Cimahi is well known as a regional hub for outdoor and adventure activities.

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