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Depok is a city in Western Java. A small, but distinct city in its own right, it is located within the Greater Jakarta metropolitan region or Jabodetabek.

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Ragunan Zoo in Depok
Setu Babakan in Depok

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The word Jabodetabek is a combination of abbreviated names of the cities in the region – Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi. The “de” in Jabodetabek refers to Depok, while the word Depok is well known as an acronym of De Eerste Protestants Onderdaan Kerk (Indonesian: Organisasi Kristen Protestan Pertama, English: First Protestant Christian Organization).

This name reportedly came from the city’s founder, a Dutch missionary and VOC officer called Cornelius Chastelein. There is also a saying that the word “depok” itself comes from Sundanese meaning hermitage or abode of one living in seclusion.

While originally founded with protestant Christian roots, the majority of Depok residents now adhere to the Islamic faith. Depok is also home to some of Indonesia’s top universities, including the University of Indonesia and Jakarta State Polytechnic.

Why teach English in Depok?

Ragunan Zoo – One of Indonesia’s premier places to see and learn about animals, this zoo is relatively unique in that it’s located in a rainforest! It features endemic wildlife as well as fauna from around the world.

Depok Fantasi Waterpark – A place to cool off and beat the heat, this waterpark is popular among families throughout the city and the greater Jakarta area.

Mal Cinere – Keeping in line with the rest of the Jakarta Greater Area, Depok is saturated with places to shop. Mal Cinere may be the premier outlet in the area, but there are plenty of monuments to consumerism to choose from.

Setu Babakan – A quiet lake near Depok, Setu Babakan attracts visitors who are looking for a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s well known as one of the top spots to relax as well as get in a bit of exercise – paddle boats are available!

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