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While Teaching English in Kupang, you can enjoy life in a city that offers sufficient facilities for a comfortable lifestyle: modern malls and supermarkets, restaurants and cafés, hospitals, hotels with panoramic swimming pools, and other entertainment centers.

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komodo dragon in Kupang
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City of Love

Kupang is the provincial capital of East Nusa Tenggara in Western Timor. It is the center of government, business, trade, and education, and is now being developed to be the gate-way to Nusa Tenggara.

West Timor is rich in a variety of cultures, beautiful scenery, and breathtaking nature. Kupang, in particular, has stunning beaches that offer white sands and calm waves. Guarded by lush rows of coconut trees, they are the perfect place to relax. The island’s rich underwater biodiversity offers a uniquely fantastic experience for divers and snorkelers. Kupang is the first port of call for yachts in the annual Sail Indonesia rally which starts in Darwin, Australia every year.

Why teach English in Kupang?

Travel – Kupang is well known as a gateway to other “paradises” in East Nusa Tenggara. Labuan Bajo, home to the world famous Komodo Island and a renowned diving destination, is a short flight away.

Remote yet comfortable – Despite being located far from major metropolitan areas, residents in Kupang enjoy a safe and friendly society. It is remote, yet not too far flung to enjoy international chains.

Beaches – Stunning beaches that still maintain their natural beauty.

Natural beauty – Waterfalls, mountains, caves, and abundant undersea biodiversity

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