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TEFL Jobs in China

If you’re thinking about working abroad in China, then you have come to the right place. EF English First has many centers across major cities in China, so you can be sure you’ll find the right city for you. Currently, we have openings in China available all the way northern area to the southern area.

Who is it for?

fresh university graduates

Are you a fresh university graduate with no previous working experience?

EF will support you from day one through onboarding and training. Our certified trainers will familiarize you with our in-house created materials and help you to become confident in the classroom.

teacher of English or of any other subject

Are you currently a teacher (of English or of any other subject)?

At EF Kids and Teens, we believe in providing opportunities for continuous development. That's why we provide every teacher access to internally certified trainer lead courses and sponsor our teachers in taking TKT tests and CertPT courses to build their CV and expertise.

professional teachers

Are you a professional with 5+ years of industry knowledge under your belt?

EF has a place for you in our schools. About 30% of our teachers were looking for something more fulfilling than the 9-5 grind and found a new experience through our open EF teaching positions.

Is it for you?

Are you considering work aboard in China, but still aren’t sure if it’s for you?

EF English First hires people with a wide range of experience and backgrounds, as long as you meet the EF core requirements:

  • Passport holder from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree (any major).

  • Have a TEFL (EF can sponsor you if you don’t have one).

teaching experience in China
schools and classes at EF

What do centers look like?

EF classrooms are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. They are modern and bright spaces, filled with the latest technology. Teachers’ rooms are occupied by international colleagues who you can always exchange stories with and learn from.

Best of all, EF’s hallways are bustling with amazing students who are eager to learn the English language. Whether you choose to teach young learners, adults, or online, our classes will have the same award-winning teaching materials and lesson plans prepared by our in-house content creators.

How to pass the interview?

After you have successfully completed your interview, received an offer letter, and sent back your signed contract to your recruiter, EF sets you up for success to teach TEFL in China – even before you arrive in China!

If you do not have a TEFL certification, don’t worry; we will sponsor your 120-hour online course at no expense to you. This will give you a taste of the world of ESL teaching before you step foot in the classroom. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to an overseas job in China!

Successful interview
full arrival support

What support do I get?

When you arrive and onboard with our training team, we give you a two-week induction into the world of EF and the teaching materials you’ll use in the classroom. We also know you’ll be simultaneously busy apartment hunting and getting settled into your new city, so we have many opportunities throughout the week for youto get more information and insight from teacher ambassadors, your recruiters, and your coworkers/line managers in your center.

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Can I grow my career?

Your TEFL job in China is just the start of your career! Fast forward a month or two after touching down in China: EF has continuous opportunities for professional development from free Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT) modules, CertPT, and in-center best practice sharing from your colleagues to help you be the best teacher you can be.

Professional development at EF
teach and live in China

What's it like to work at EF?

Work abroad at our Kids & Teens centers. Our centers are filled with the resources you need to be a great teacher. From internet-connected classrooms to lesson planning materials, you’ll be set from day one. Are you ready for the job of a lifetime? ESL jobs are unlike any professional experience. While your work hours and location might be unusual, you’ll be able to travel on weekends to exotic locations and learn a new language while teaching students who are engaged and active participants.

Why Work Abroad in China?

Taking a job in China gives you the best of both worlds – a strong career and an adventure. The types of teaching jobs available can vary, but at EF we make sure our teachers get exactly what they need. Whether it’s a five-year professional growth track or a job to allow exploring another corner of the world, work aboard in China with EF makes life easy and worthwhile.

teach English in China
Cost of living in China

What is the cost of living?

Living in China is like living anywhere else in the world. Many items are cheap, especially when shopping at local markets and eating out at neighbourhood restaurants. Still, our teachers find there’s always time (and pocket change) to live a bit more extravagantly than usual. Weekly massages, monthly trips and saving money are all possible on an English teacher’s salary.

Work Aboard in China salary

EF offers competitive salaries, which range based on qualifications and experience. Do research on the cost of living in different cities in China as the amount of money you can save and spend can vary. It is possible to save money and travel, depending on your lifestyle choices.

teach English in China

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