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Are you fresh out of uni and wondering what to do next? The world is literally your oyster. Perhaps you'll stay local and find something convenient until you find your ‘forever job' (if there's ever such a thing) or perhaps you'll take a few risks, be adventurous and look for some graduate work abroad.

“Graduate work abroad?” you ask. “I've never thought about that before?”

And if the end bit is true, you're definitely not alone.

What are the benefits of getting a graduate job abroad?

There are so many places you could go and work after university. You could become an English language teacher in China, become a camp counselor in the US, get a finance internship in Dubai, work in agriculture in New Zealand…the list is endless.

Because of the ageing population at home, the truth of the matter is that many young newly qualified people without experience are finding it increasingly difficult to secure work after university. As a result, they look further afar, which is one reason why you might consider working overseas after your studies.

Other people choose to head overseas for work after their post-graduate studies for a new adventure. After so many years of learning and studying, it's natural to want to get out into the big wide world and explore, and this is where graduates look for work in other countries.

Another reason why graduates look abroad for work is because they simply have no idea what to do yet. Unless you've studied something specific and can fall into a job without any problem, it's quite common that the inexperienced graduates don't have clue. Finding a graduate job abroad helps you buy time. There are plenty of short-term temporary jobs for graduates abroad, and industries like education in places such as Asia, more specifically, China, are crying out for teachers.

A few organised people will do their homework and research the best places and jobs for grads abroad. Other more zealous grads will pack their bags immediately and look for graduate work abroad while traveling in the hope that they'll find something.

What work is available for new grads?

English language teaching

English language teaching opportunities in China continue to grow. The need for teachers is immense, and the increasing need to know English is becoming even more prominent. One of the biggest advantages of teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) in China is that you don't need experience, and as long as you have your first degree (in any subject), you'll find a job, and you'll get a decent salary as well. Accommodation is covered and teachers in China usually get a return flight each year. Possibly one of the biggest drawbacks is the language barrier. Chinese Mandarin is notoriously difficult, but all decent language schools and universities that hire EFL teachers will offer some kind of lesson to ease the transition period.


Another popular option for graduates is an internship. There are many reputable intern programs abroad for graduate students, such as Erasmus+ and European Training Services. Intern jobs abroad offer a great hands experience that will open up new opportunities at home later on. These, however, are often unpaid or offer a very low salary, so they're difficult to pursue if you don't have any savings.


Volunteering is another avenue that newly grads like to explore. There's nothing quite as rewarding as giving back to the community. It also looks great on your CV. Again, like internships, there is no wage; in fact, you have to pay to join a volunteer program abroad, and they usually don't come cheaply.

Post graduate opportunities

If you've completed a high-level degree or a PhD, there are also a few opportunities abroad for graduate students. You'll get the chance to further your studies and put what you've learnt into practice, but these jobs are highly competitive and difficult to secure.


It doesn't really matter what you've studied, there's an abundance of opportunities to find graduate work abroad. Who knows, you could be living and working as a teacher in China in no time while exploring what this culturally rich and vast country has to offer.

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