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With its legendary history, the city has become one of well-known historic and cultural cities in China. It was once a strategic port at the intersection of the Grand Canal and Yangtze River.

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Ganlu Temple in Zhenjiang
one day trip in Zhenjiang
Lake sunset view in Zhenjiang
city view from the top of Zhenjiang

The Garrison of the River

Zhenjiang is a prefecture-level city in Jiangsu, with a booming economy and protected environment in the Yangtze River Delta Economical Zone. Thanks to its designation as a finance center, the cost of living is cheap, but western amenities abound in the forms of accommodations and dining.

With a rich heritage and culture, the city is associated with a lot of fascinating folk mythologies throughout Chinese history. One such legend is the “Tale of the White Snake.” The legend still lives today at Jinshan Temple, which is open to all.

Why Zhenjiang?

Pearl S. Buck, an American writer, lived in Zhenjiang with her parents until the age of 15. She went on to win the Nobel Prize in Literature (1938) and the Pulitzer Prize (1932) for her books, which offer rich and epic descriptions of her life in China. Read them before coming to China

The Osmanthus Flower Festival of Jiaoshan Hill is held every month in October. It draws attention all over China and is known for its tea drinking ceremonies, beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere

Zhenjiang is known by many in China to be the best producer of vinegar

Zhenjiang has raised two emperors and a king

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