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Despite being one of the biggest cities in China, Guangzhou has an abundance of parks and green spaces worth visiting. In this blog, I’ve compiled some of the favourites that I’ve visited in my time in this city.

1. Haizhu Wetlands Park (广州海珠国家湿地公园)

Ancient watertown - Zhujiajiao

Situated in Haizhu District, Haizhu Wetlands Park, also known as “Guangzhou’s Green Heart”, is definitely worth a visit. Known for being one of the biggest green areas in Guangzhou, this park is filled with a variety of paths and walkways and it’s very well-kept. It’s easy to spend a few hours exploring here. Although you can see a distant view of the skyscrapers, this park has a very tranquil atmosphere, making it a great escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Admission Fee: ¥20

Metro Station: Datang (Line 3)

2. Liu Pian Shan (六片山)

Ancient watertown - Zhujiajiao

Commonly referred to as “Guangzhou Tears” (广州眼泪), this is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in the city. It is situated in the Baiyun Mountain area, in the north of the city. The main feature of Liu Pian Shan is a stunning blue lake, where many people go swimming during spring and summer. However, the best viewing point is at the top of the cliff where you can see the lake and a beautiful view of the city. Although it takes some climbing and a while to make it to the top, the views are most definitely worth it! Be sure to wear some comfortable shoes and take some water with you for the climb!

Admission Fee: free

Metro Station: Tonghe (Line 3) (followed by bus)

3. Yuntai Gardens (云台花园)

Ancient watertown - Zhujiajiao

Yuntai Gardens are one of the most popular attractions in the Baiyun area. They’re situated at the foot of Baiyun Mountain. At the entrance to the park, you’ll find wonderfully colorful flower beds which lead you into the park. You can find a variety of beautiful and exotic flowers here. The gardens also feature some unique ornaments and beautiful Roman architecture. They regularly host a variety of flower shows here, which attract many visitors. I’d recommend visiting in spring or summer when the flowers are in full bloom.

Admission Fee: ¥10

Metro Station: Shaheding / Huanghuagang (Line 6) (followed by bus)

4. Pazhou Pagoda (琶洲塔)

Ancient watertown - Zhujiajiao

Situated in the Pazhou area of Haizhu District, Pazhou Pagoda is surrounded by a beautiful park, with flowers, waterfalls, and a lake full of fish. This park is particularly nice at sunset when the pagoda lights up.

Admission Fee: free

Metro Station: Pazhou (Line 8)

5. South China Botanical Gardens (华南植物园)

Ancient watertown - Zhujiajiao

Situated in the north of the city, the Botanical Gardens are a stunning attraction. These gardens are extremely vast, covering more than 700 acres of land. There’s so much to see - from beautiful flower beds, to huge greenhouses and a variety of lakes. These gardens are also home to an abundance of conservatories, housing many different varieties of plants and trees. It’s a great place to admire nature and also relax in the beautiful outdoors.

Admission Fee: ¥50

Metro Station: Botanical Garden (Line 6)

6. Yeuxiu Park (越秀公园)

Ancient watertown - Zhujiajiao

Yuexiu Park is the largest park in Guangzhou, which dates back to the Qin Dynasty. This park features a variety of attractions – from lakes, pavillions, statues and towers. There are also some restaurants inside the park, so you could have lunch or dinner whilst visiting.

 One of the most famous statues in Yuexiu is the 5 Rams Statue. Legend has it, that during the famine, 5 immortal beings riding rams came to the city, baring rice stems in their mouths, which cured the city of famine. The statue was then created in celebration of these rams.

Admission Fee: free

Metro Station: Yuexiu Park (Line 2)

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