Erica Fairchild

I graduated from three universities, equipped my resume and filled my wall with degrees to satisfy, and got approvals from everyone - but never myself. After I finished my last degree, I threw myself into every opportunity that came from the industrial field, to land a job that gave me the chance to fit in a community, to which I ultimately didn't belong. All this was not for me, but still, I genuinely tried and fortunately was either overqualified or didn't have enough experience. That's when I decided to take a break from finding that DREAM job that everyone was expecting me to get and went to Bali to volunteer there as a teacher.

Opening the World Through Education

That experience opened a special door in my heart that I had never felt before; giving without expecting too much in return. Sincere smiles from kids were enough to trigger that passion that was repressed in me. It was a pure feeling of love filling my space and I decided to follow that flow of pure energy to the end, despite others' opinions or judgments. So I packed my bags and went to Italy to complete my TEFL certification. After two months, I finally reformed from being a doctor to being a teacher; hopefully a humble one. Unfortunately, I was running out of money and a place to stay as I had twenty days until my visa expired. I honestly had no plans as to what or where was next. I started actively applying here, there, and everywhere trying to find a job as fast as I could, so I could find a roof to sleep under and a place to call home.

The Offer of a Lifetime

After some time, I received three teaching offers at nearly the same time and it was a hard decision to choose between them. I let the flow decide my future and said to myself, follow the offer that goes smoother than the others. At that moment, English First happened to clear my clouded decision; the paperwork took less than two weeks to get organized, the friendly EF Indonesia team made me feel that I was already part of the team and the wonderful EF Palembang management made me feel safe and excited to be there. Of course, the idea of packing your bags to go and live somewhere you've never been to, made me feel a bit anxious, but the EF team took care of that minor anxiety feeling and made me feel at home before I even arrived! When I landed, I felt like I was home at last, with newfound peace in my heart.

Follow Your Passion

I was lost and financially broke, and had nothing with me except for a belief in my heart that I must follow my passion; no overthinking and just believing and acting on how and what my heart felt. EF was the tool that gave me the chance to live what I love to do and be who I want to be.

By: Ayoub Abdallah

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