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Have you just graduated from university? Are you looking for a decent salaried job? Are you ambitious? Are you globally focused? Do you have impeccable communications skills? Do you have no idea what to do now you've finished university? If you've answered ‘YES', there's a perfect career for you. This could be the perfect time to kick-start a new career in teaching abroad and fulfilling a culturally rich experience of a lifetime.

"How?" You ask?

Every year, young graduates just like you, pack their cases and head to some of the most culturally fascinating countries in the world. Thousands of young people join the EF teaching team each year to train as a teacher and teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in China and many other mesmerizing places around the globe. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider a career in English language teaching abroad.

1. If you've got a degree (in any field), you can teach

Your degree is a sign of your hard work at University. However, the problem many graduates face is that they haven't any clue what they should do. The second problem they face is that very few people are willing to hire a newly-grad without any experience.

Teaching English as a Second Language abroad will help you decide what you want to do, and in the meantime, you can work, travel and earn money, and the best thing is you don't require any previous teaching experience.

2. Earn a good monthly salary and extra perks

The average starting salary for an ESL teacher in China, for example, is approximately between $1500 and $2000 USD. This is more than enough to live on, travel with and even save. As well as your monthly salary, you'll also receive return flights to and from your country each year, paid accommodation and language lessons.

3. You'll get help with the tricky documents

Getting a visa to some countries can be tricky without a job to go to. When you work abroad as an ESL teacher, your sponsors will take care of this as long as you meet the criteria. To meet the criteria you'll need a degree in any subject, a teaching language qualification (e.g. TEFL, TESOL or a CELTA), a clean criminal background check, and good health.

4. Teach English anywhere in the world

The growing demand for English around the world means that graduates can enjoy opportunities almost everywhere. At the moment, China is by far the largest market with both career and travel opportunities. But there are also plenty of teaching jobs available in Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

5. Choose your country and apply

Have you dreamt of exploring one of the world's oldest civilizations? There are plenty of ESL jobs available in China given the country's economic growth and competition. Perhaps you want to explore other popular Asian destinations and earn money at the same time. Hong Kong, Vietnam and South Korea are also popular destinations for ESL teachers. Or if you fancy more exotic climes, Latin America could be the place for you. The world really is your oyster and EF can help you go places. All you have to do is choose your country, and apply!

6. You'll gain some valuable skills

Teaching is a career that will equip you with some indispensable new skills. Not only will you learn more about the complexities of the English language you'll also improve your communication and presentation skills.

You'll also improve your confidence, become a better team player and a continuous learner. Depending on how far you progress you may even gain some invaluable leadership skills. All of the above will bolster your CV and boost your chances of getting your dream job in the future.

7. You may even find a career for life!

Some people enter ESL teaching believing that it will only be short term. However, a great deal continue developing their teaching skills further and fall in love with teaching.

Your first year abroad as an ESL teacher could ultimately open up a whole new career that you'd never even considered before. You'll discover new ways to upskill and explore even more countries. Being a second language teacher abroad could literally take you around the world teaching, which is one thing many peopledream of doing.

The world is big enough, it's just waiting for you to explore! When you are in your twenties, you have time on your side, don't put off your dreams for tomorrow. As a newly qualified teacher, you can get out into the world, experience it for yourself, and make memories that last a lifetime.

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