Sophie Jones

You’ve just finished university, and you’re not sure what direction you want to head in life. Or maybe you’re looking for a career change, but you’re not sure what options are available to you. You know you want some excitement in your life... something different, the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures.

I have spoken to some friends in the past who have said they would love to come to China to try teaching, but they were worried that they would be limited in their options. I’m going to give you the rundown as to why a career with EF is the best of both worlds, and a great choice.

Not just for those who are looking to add a years' worth of teaching experience to their CV, but also for anyone looking to stay for longer and develop a career in the global market. EF has plenty of opportunities for you to grow transferable skills, and not just in the classroom.

Sophie: Band 3 Teacher at EF Kid & Teens - since 2019
Nationality: British
City: Chongqing
Degree: BSc in Biomedical Sciences & PgDip in International Public Health

I’m a relatively new teacher here in China. August 2020 marked my 1-year anniversary in one of Chongqing’s Kids and Teens branches. While I’m now a Band 3 teacher and have learnt so much about the academic side of the company and I understand the career progression available to me within the academic departments, I wasn’t sure what other opportunities were available within the company. So, I made it my mission to find out as much as I could about the other areas of the company. I have interviewed 3 people in 3 very different positions, who all work with EF China. I discovered that there are countless options to progress and develop within EF, all while having the adventure of a lifetime living in one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world.

So let me introduce you to the EF team!

Philip: Leader Teacher Recruiter - With EF since 2017
Nationality: British
City: London

When did you start with EF?
“I started with EF in 2017, after I moved back to England from China. I had heard of EF while I was in China, so I wanted to see If they had any opportunities for me in England. Since 2017 I have helped over 200 teachers in China with EF

What has your career looked like in EF so far?

“I started as an international recruiter and then quickly developed into a senior recruiter and now I am a lead recruiter."

Have you had much opportunity to travel while working with EF?

"Yes, we tend to be able to visit China for work around once per year. I love China so I am happy to be in a position that allows me to travel back so frequently.”

What other opportunities would you like to pursue with EF?

“I’m not sure yet, as it depends on whether I want to continue living in London or if I want to move back to China. The majority of the recruitment team is actually based in Shanghai, our London office is quite small. But there are so many other opportunities in the EF company as a whole. From the Hult Business School, and education technology to the language tours. You’re spoilt for choice”.

You lived in China for 4 years before becoming a recruiter. What were some of your favorite memories?

“Well, I let my wife in China! I also loved my first year in China, it’s quite romanticized, like a honeymoon phase where everything is so new, interesting and exciting. It’s an amazing feeling. But my favorite memory was probably proposing to my wife at the Bund in Shanghai”.

I enjoyed this interview with Philip, as it was nice to hear the perspective of an EF employee who doesn’t currently work in China. He also opened up my eyes to how big EF and its parent company are. I hadn’t even considered the endless possibilities of opportunity in the other branches of the company. This cemented to me, that coming to China to work for EF was definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my career.

EF director of studies

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