Andrew Smethurst

Andrew Smethurst came to China to develop professionally and found that working in a different country gave him tools to grow as a person and connect with others. This is his story.

1. Describe your current role.

I'm an international teacher recruiter based in the EF China Headquarters in Shanghai. My job is to contact applicants, get them excited about coming to China, answer any of their questions, and help them with completing their visa documents.

2. What is the best part of your job?

Speaking to people from all over the world every day is really interesting for me, and I also enjoy sharing my experiences that I've had in China so far - especially for people who perhaps haven't visited this part of the world before, it helps them understand what life will be like for them when they arrive. I also think there's something very rewarding about working with someone for a few months, even though we haven't met yet in person, and then welcoming them to China when they arrive.


3. How did you know EF was the right fit for you?

I had worked for EF before coming to China so I knew the organization and knew the workplace culture - this was something I wanted to still be a part of after I'd had such a great time with the team in the UK . I also had never been to China before and I really wanted to make sure that I was working with a reputable organization that was very clear regarding the visa process and requirements.

4. What's the importance of having international experience in today's working world?

The great thing about this kind of opportunities working abroad, is that they actually pair international cultural experiences with the chance to develop professionally. In an international organization like EF, you've a lot of opportunities to grow and develop, but then even outside your doorstep remember you're in a different country, which gives you the to develop personally and even gives you the ability to connect with so many people from so many different backgrounds!


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