EF career opportunities


Juliane Witte
EF career opportunities

After working in EF as a Kids & Teens teacher, Juliane Witte felt EF was a place where she could continue growing in different aspects. Here's her story.

1. Describe your current role.

I'm currently a Teacher Recruiter and Team leader in EF's TRT (Teacher Recruitment and Training) team. What we do here is basically reach out to those who've applied and discuss the role with them. If they're interested, we move them forward to an interview and then, hopefully, make them an offer. We also work with our prospective teachers throughout the visa process, collecting all sorts of documents and helping them navigate the different visa requirements.

2. What is the best part of your job?

I enjoy talking to the applicants the most. I myself made the jump from the UK to China and was really supported by my own recruiter throughout the whole process. Being able to do the same for others is really rewarding. I get to speak to some fascinating people, with all kinds of different backgrounds and experiences. If I'd get to choose another, equally great, part of the job it would be seeing the teachers I've hired thrive once they're here in China!

3. How did you know EF was the right fit for you?

Since I joined EF as a Kids & Teens teacher straight out of University, I was really looking for a place where I could develop as a person and as a young professional, while also receiving guidance and support. After discussing EF with my own recruiter I felt like EF was able to offer me all of those things as well as an opportunity to go abroad. The different career options within EF really spanned the whole company, which meant that as I was figuring out what I wanted to do I had all these different directions open to me.

4. What's the importance of having international experience in today's working world?

I think it is incredibly important to have international experience as the world becomes a more global, singular community. I learned a lot about myself by going abroad, especially about my ability to deal with new and unexpected situations. I have also met some incredible people and seen beautiful sights, all of which I'm able to take with me as I continue to explore my options on a more global scale. What working internationally really does is open up the whole world to you.


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