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Teacher career development & training

EF English First is expanding rapidly around the world and so too are the career paths of our teachers. Extend your teaching contract to teach at one of our schools down the street, or across the globe. With schools around the world, career opportunities with EF English First seem endless. We have exciting careers at EF English First including opportunities to teach English as a second language in locations such as China and Indonesia.

Teacher support from EF English First

Career development

Besides the introductory teacher training, all EF instructors will receive constant support from an entire team dedicated to their teacher development as professional English language teachers. You will receive both training and encouragement from senior teachers, the Director of Studies (DoS), regional academic managers, teacher trainers, and the national director of studies. The Senior Teachers and DoS will be in close communication with you to guide you and provide feedback on your teaching skills. English First considers training and feedback of the utmost importance to its employees to encourage growth in both their teaching abilities as well as their professional careers.

Career paths at EF

There are no predetermined teaching careers at EF English First. Instead, you can expect your experience teaching overseas with English First to offer you a path to many different careers. If you have what it takes, there are many different avenues of growth and transfer through our offices and schools worldwide. Whether you are ultimately looking for a Director of Studies position or to shift your focus to our offices, EF English First promotes from within for new, exciting opportunities.

Job openings
Teacher support from EF English First
Teacher support from EF English First

Long-term career support

EF English First recognizes the importance of Continuous Professional Development and we encourage the pursuit of advanced degrees for those choosing to teach English as a long-term career. With the support of EF English First, some teachers have chosen to pursue additional academic qualifications including the CERTesol or Trinity Diploma.

4 online teacher training courses that help your career

Teaching Phonology

You will learn how to offer students the most engaging and interactive ways to teach pronunciation and gain an understanding of knowledge and terminology, allowing you to discuss features of pronunciation with other experienced teachers.'

Teaching Grammar

You will learn about the differences between deductive and inductive grammar teaching, sentence constituents, second language acquisition, and debate the pros and cons of prescriptivist and descriptivist views of grammar.

Teaching Lexis

You will learn about the linguistic aspect of language, and experiment with different techniques in planning, presenting, and practicing a range of vocabulary activities to engage, support and challenge your learners.

Reflective Practice

You will develop your teaching skills through self-reflection by keeping a reflective journal on your own development in a specific area of your classroom teaching. You will learn to use different techniques that can be used to reflect and collect data in your lessons.

Career advancement

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Teacher support from EF English First

“What started out as uncertainty has become my dream career."

Jaco VanEck, Director of Studies, Shanghai, former Teacher in Kunshan

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