teach English in Changzhou

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Near to both Shanghai and Nanjing, Changzhou's proximity to the Yangtze River means the city is crisscrossed with canals, lakes, and rivers.

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Teach English in Changzhou
Teach English in Changzhou
Teach English in Changzhou
Teach English in Changzhou

The Dragon City

The city boasts ancient temples, parks, and spectacular scenery amidst its modern aura. Locals take pride in their honesty and legacy of keeping promises. Interestingly, a good-natured rivalry exists between Changzhou and the neighboring city of Wuxi.

Famous snacks made in Changzhou include Pickled Radish, Sesame Candy, Dumpling with Fermented Glutinous Rice, and Silver Thread Noodles. Other famous handicrafts of Changzhou are the “crisscross” style of silk embroidery and carvings made from green bamboo.

Why Changzhou

Changzhou is an educational hub and home to several universities, including Changzhou University, Hohai University (Changzhou campus), Jiangsu Teachers’ University of Science and Technology, Jiangsu Teachers’ University of Technology, and Changzhou Institute of Technology

Changzhou is the home of the China Dinosaur Park, The park has 50 various fossils and more than 30 amusement rides including the Brontosaurus Roller Coaster and the Whirling Dinosaur Carriage. It’s a great place to visit on your days off from teaching English in China

As Changzhou is noted for its combs, the city has reconstructed its Fine Comb Lane area with contemporary architecture. Changzhou combs can be purchased in most places in the city

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