teach English in Jinhua

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Jinhua is a flourishing city in the eastern province of Zhejiang. It is well-known for the handicrafts produced here, especially those made with wood.

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Teach English in Jinhua
Teach English in Jinhua
Teach English in Jinhua
Teach English in Jinhua

The City of Architecture

The city dates back over 1000 years and has many interesting sites to see. Duke Shi’s Palace of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, an historical attraction, is filled with artwork and considered a well-preserved piece of architecture from the Qing Dynasty.

Nearby, Zhejiang province’s famous mountains and bamboo forests await. The Double Dragon National Scenic Area is considered of the most beautiful places to visit. Each season brings a unique and different experience, so many locals visit here multiple times a year.

Still, it’s not all historical sites and natural beauty. Jinhua is a bustling metropolis with western-style shopping markets and modern apartments. There is also a large downtown shopping area with various restaurants and several city parks.

Why Jinhua?

The nearby Hengdian Movie City is considered the “Hollywood of China.” It is now a theme park in addition to a working movie studio. Visitors can see working sets and themed areas that showcase various historical eras

The Jinhua Architecture Park is a centrally located green space with more than dozen pavilions showcasing architects from China and abroad

Downtown has several skyscrapers, including the Bayong Tower and its top-floor lookout, which offer beautiful views of the city

Nightlife is popular in Jinhua, with dozens of bars and clubs open to locals and expats teaching English abroad

Thanks to its proximity to mountains, hiking is a popular activity among the people who live here

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