teach English in Ningbo

Explore Ningbo

Ningbo is a modern city on the coast of eastern China. It is famous for being a seaside resort close to mountains, ancient temples and wonderful restaurants.

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Teach English in Ningbo
Teach English in Ningbo
Teach English in Ningbo
Teach English in Ningbo

The Tranquil Wave City

Historically, Ningbo was known as an important port city. Today, the area is filled with fun attractions for visitors to explore. The city itself is quite modern while still maintaining a distinctly Chinese atmosphere.

Whether it’s exploring Tianfeng Pagoda or Hangzhou Bay Bridge, eating out at a famous restaurant or exploring the natural scenery beyond the city limits, people in Ningbo are always enjoying life.

As the city is small (at least in the eyes of China), the cost of living is low. Whether it’s eating out everyday or taking weekend trips, there is plenty to do on the cheap. Still, Ningbo is big enough that western conveniences are easily found.

Why Ningbo?

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the world’s third longest trans-oceanic bridge at 36 kilometers long, or 22 miles. At the middle of the bridge, you can visit the Land between Sea and Sky, a service station with a 24-meter lookout tower

The nightlife scene is quite large in Ningbo, with dozens of bars and clubs to relax in or dance the night away

Nanxi Hot Spring is just outside the city and located in the mountains of Zhejiang province

The food is well-known around China for its use of fresh seafood and vegetables

Tianyi Pavilion, a major attraction in Ningbo, is the oldest library in China

The Hemudu culture comes from Ningbo and dates back to 4800 BC

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