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Shijiazhuang is the capital and largest city of North China’s Hebei province. Situated just south of Beijing, Shijiazhuang is quickly becoming a hub for Beijing and is changing and growing rapidly.

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Longxing Temple in Shijiazhuang
Longxing Temple in Shijiazhuang
Mount Cangyan in Shijiazhuang

The City of Rock Music

Although it is modernizing, it still holds its old-fashioned values and if you are looking for a place to learn Mandarin, the city is perfect for you. Most people in the city will speak to you in Mandarin and very few will communicate in English.

The city has recently built a high-speed rail network through the center making it easy to travel around the country. As a city, Shijiazhuang has mountain ranges to the west, ancient villages to the north and south and a whole range of bars, shopping malls, restaurants, and clubs for you in your free time.

Why Shijiazhuang?

Zhaozhou Bridge, created around 600 CE under the Sui dynasty, is a great masterpiece of Chinese civil engineering. It survived numerous floods and earthquakes and is considered nowadays as the oldest stone single arch bridge in the world.

The city is known for its live music venues, earning the nickname “China’s Rock City.” In recent years, several music festivals have been held here and is a favourite for those teaching English in China

Shijiazhuang is home to three of China’s top 10 wholesale markets, which makes it is a good place to find great bargains. Be prepared to haggle, either by yourself or with a friend.

Shijiazhuang is one of the largest railway hubs in China, and so there are many trains to and from Shijiazhuang. The high-speed train to Beijing is 80 minutes

Shijiazhuang has a mountain range to the west, so if you like cycling or hiking, the city is perfect for teachers who enjoy the outdoors.

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