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Teaching English in Banjarmasin Indonesia offers the intrepid adventurer the chance to experience one of Indonesia’s lesser-known capitals. Banjarmasin is the largest city in the Indonesian-ruled portion of the island of Borneo, AKA Kalimantan.

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Watermarket in Banjarmasin
Water market in Banjarmasin

City of a Thousand Rivers

While teaching English in Banjarmasin, you will be sure to enjoy visiting the city’s famous waterways, floating markets and its unique architecture. When you arrive, one of the first distinct features that sets the city apart is its buildings. Many have been constructed on stilts, in order to account for periodic flooding along the riverbanks.

The city has developed a peaceful and serene reputation, with most activity ceasing after nightfall. While there are modern malls and western chains in the city centre, visitors can escape to one of Banjarmasin’s many waterways and enjoy a slower, more traditional pace of life. Adventurous travellers who explore outside the city limits can enjoy jungle trekking and search for Borneo’s most famous resident, the orangutan.

Why teach English in Banjarmasin?

Banjarmasin is famous for its floating markets, where vendors hawk their wares from small boats, strategically placed along the city’s many waterways. The largest, Lok Baintain Floating Market is famed for the diverse array of colourful produce on offer.

Try the local specialty Soto Banjar, a clear chicken soup spiced with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Banjarese Tea is also a must-try, it makes for a tasty accompaniment to the street food delicacies readily available throughout the city

Sultan Suriansyah Mosque was built over 300 years ago - the oldest mosque in South Kalimantan and a fantastic example of pre-Islamic, traditional Banjarese architecture.

Spectacular vists await trekkers in nearby Meratus Mountains. Visit the Cempaka Fields and learn about Kalimantan's extensive history of gem trading.

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