Trinity TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate)


The TYLEC is a course from Trinity for teachers of young learners who already have some teaching experience. It focuses on teaching YLs (young learners) and Teens and the differences between them as well as the more modern challenge of teaching these age groups online. The main focus of the course is helping teachers to think more about their teaching practice and continuous development, including being observed 5 times by EF trainers to get focused feedback and support on your teaching.

Trinity TYLEC Key features

  • 10 hours per week over 10 weeks, including moderation day

  • 100 hours (including 58 tutor-led guided hours and 42 self-study hours)

  • Assessed by lesson observations, teaching practice journal and materials assignment

  • Fully online.

The focus of the TYLEC course is on practical application of ideas in your own teaching, and reflection on how to develop your teaching skills.

Applying for TYLEC

Currently, TRT’s TYLEC course is available only for teachers in EF Kids & Teens Franchise centers.

To apply, first make sure you have one of the following:

  • CertTESOL/CELTA plus one year teaching experience, or

  • Two years teaching experience

Then talk to your managers (line manager and Center Director) to get approval from them for your application.

See course dates below and click on ‘apply’ to begin the online course application process.

To apply for TYLEC first talk to your line manager. After they have given you approval, you can click the 'apply here' button and fill out the form. Send the completed form to


  • Teaching Skills

  • Teaching Materials

  • Approaches and Methodologies

  • Classroom Management

  • Lesson Planning and Staging Techniques

  • Different Teaching Settings