Yuan Yuan - Shenzhen Regional Trainer

Yuan started her ELT journey by doing her Master’s degree at the University of Exeter in the UK. By learning about Communicative Language Teaching for the first time, she realized the drawbacks of the learning methods most learners use in China.

After returning from the UK, she joined EFEC in Shanghai. She stayed there for 3 years and she’s been keen on introducing useful learning methods to adult students ever since. In 2017, she completed the Diploma in TESOL and moved to Beijing with EFEC. In 2018, she got certified as a Trinity Cert TESOL tutor and TP observer.

Now Yuan is working as a TRT Regional Trainer in Shenzhen. She enjoys moving between different cities within EF. She hopes that she can find a way to introduce the learning methods to more EF teachers, so that the teachers can pass them on to more English language learners in China.

Special interests: Learning methods and English as lingua franca

Qualifications: DipTESOL