EF Certificate in Training & Development

EF Certificate in Training & Development

EF's Training & Development course will give you the skills and confidence to analyze your team's training needs, create well-structured training content focused on your trainng aims, and evaluate the success of your course and make plans for the future.

Course duration: 10 weeks

Group size: 16 participants

Delivery: Online via Motivis

Certification: 40 hr EF Training & Development certificate

Assessment: Reflective journal and interview with tutor

By the end of this course, you will be better able to do the following:

How to Apply

China Own Teachers

Apply to this course through OMNI People. See the link here for a guide to this process: Distance Course Application Guide

China Franchise Teachers

If you don't have access to OMNI People, then you can apply through the MS Forms link here: Distance Course Applications

What People are Saying

"I was able to give training that was relevant and rated highly useful to all my trainees. With the data gathering methods I learned on the course, I was able to get really good and specific information on how I can improve my school." (Matthieu Huang, ST and In Center Trainer, Shenzhen)

"I am better able to present ideas clearly and deal with emergencies. [The course] forced me to organize training by myself, which developed my leadership skills as well. As a T4 teacher in my school, it provided a great opportunity for my career development." (Maggie Ding, T4, Shanghai)

"I've updated [my] training materials. This course has inspired me to keep learning." (Dustin Wulff, Regional Trainer, Hefei)