EF Distance Learning Courses


EF runs three courses focusing on management skills: Introduction to Management, Managing Project Management, and Training & Development.

These courses are aimed at STs or those moving into ST positions soon but are very valuable as refreshers for DOSes and other managers too.

You can also see more information by clicking on the link below including a video introduction.

Also, the Distance Learning Handbook below gives further information about all aspects of the Distance Learning courses.


EF’s distance learning courses all use asynchronous communication (discussion forums with a one-week deadline for posting in), mostly based on group discussion. This lets you fit the course tasks around your own work and life. Some tasks will ask you to discuss new ideas with your peers; others to apply ideas in your own work and reflect on them. There are also quizzes and e-learning content to help you digest more complex ideas.

As well as commenting on other’s posts, you may also work in pairs or small groups to create a resource or presentation or compare your ideas and learn from each other.

After each week’s tasks, your tutor(s) will provide individual feedback on your posts in Motivis, and usually a summary email of the week’s ideas and learning as well.

At the end of most courses there will usually be an interview with your tutor to talk about your learning on the course and demonstrate your application of the course aims in your own work. This is often supported by a reflective journal that lets you bring together ideas from the whole course and reflect on their success.


Introduction to Management. This 10-week course introduces newer managers to fundamental concepts related to being an effective manager - focusing on Communication, Motivation, Culture, Feedback and Productivity

Training & Development. This 10-week course introduces managers and in-center trainers to some of the key principles and processes of running effective training courses: Theories of Adult Learning, Making a Training Needs Analysis, Delivering training, both offline and online, and Evaluating Training using the Guskey Method.